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#Mickstape: The Panthers Gave HOW MUCH Money To WHOM???

We still can't believe it. We also do more #pickem because I'm addicted. I can't help myself.

The team I settled on was as follows:

Bart and Homer.

  • Gunderson $3 (Krabappel)
  • Carl and Lenny $2 (Homer)
  • Clancy Wiggum $4 (All 3)
  • Sideshow Bob $5 (Bart)
  • Krabappel $1 (Gunderson)

I break my episode into three parts, "Treehouse of Horror" style. The first part involves Sideshow Bob trying to murder Bart Simpson. Those episodes are always good. The second part involves Gil Gunderson and Ms. Krabappel on a tinder date where some sort of hijinks ensue. The third part involves Homer, Carl & Lenny working from home during the quarantine. I took Wiggum because I can shoehorn him into any segment and get a laugh. I feel good with my group.

We also discuss the surprisingly good DJ Premier vs RZA IG battle and wonder what battles should be next. We found some time to invent the idea of redrafting the 1996 NBA draft lottery and then also got halfway through redrafting the 2018 NBA draft lottery before The Man™ (read: technical difficulties) cut us off. Happy listening.