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Here is a WILD Twitter Thread That Claims Tom Hanks Either Faked His Recent SNL Performance Or Filmed It From Prison

So we all saw Tom Hanks "host" SNL from his "house" last weekend.  You'll notice that the words "host" and "house" are in quotation marks for reasons that Twitter will explain momentarily.

You see this tweet?  Watch the video if you haven't yet:

Pretty awesome considering the fact that Hanks and his wife have just recovered from that motherfucking bat stew virus. Coley even blogged about it. You can read that blog here

But did he actually host SNL? I saw this thread on Twitter late last night and it has some WILDLY convincing theories**** that Tom Hanks is either filmed it in front of a green screen in prison or it was a deep fake.  I'm not going to crack jokes or anything and just let the Twitter thread do it's thing here. It's pretty wild. I finished reading it and was like...

Have at it, if you can take Forrest Gump and Mr. Rogers' good names slandered...

People fucking LOVE Tom Hanks and thank christ he didn't succumb to that goddamn virus that's spreading around.  If you're one of those people, don't hate me for sharing this thread with you. I'm just the messenger. I figured this thread was going to be REALLY stupid but I read it and was like "WOAH". I was going to show it to that dickhead Chief last night, but he would have stolen the blog so he had to wait until today.


I don't really believe anything in here, especially the stuff about the pedophilia, but I'd also be lying if I said it didn't make me think just a little bit. I feel like it was important that I add this, but there is definitely something fishy going on with it… I mean, just look at how easy it is for Hollywood to create a deep fake:

Looks fucking real, huh? Could easily be done with Hanks' hosting SNL too, if anyone was so inclined…