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Tom Hanks Hosting SNL From Home Is One Of The More Surreal Moments Of Quarantine Thus Far

First thing’s first: it was jarring as hell to see bald Tom Hanks. I don’t even associate him as a hair guy but I most certainly don’t view him as Bruce Willis. You can’t make your first public appearance after recovering from the most famous viruses the world has ever seen with no hair when you’re a known hair haver. Red flags raised and sirens blaring like you read about, thankfully he made it a point to note he was rocking a baldy for a movie knowing how people react to seeing him like this. 

But that’s not the real point here. The real point is how fucking weird that monologue was to watch. Not the caliber of the jokes or anything he said. Just the atmosphere. I don’t watch SNL anymore, neither do you, but that’s irrelevant. SNL is one of those institutions that’s been around forever and will outlive us all. It’s become a part of the calendar moreso than a television show. And to see it take place without its iconic set, without the band, without the crowd, ZERO pomp nor circumstance was a real downer. We never got sports without crowds, they just ended abruptly and I’m glad they did because this is how it would have felt. Extremely out of place. And I say all of this with no fault to SNL. They’re just trying to entertain people during an extremely bizarre time in our collective consciousness. But because sports were ripped away from us with no warning, because public gatherings just stopped one day without so much as a heads up, this was really the first event we’re used to that was completely irregular. All the IG Live stuff and streams have been fun but we were staring at our phones long before it was our only source of new entertainment. SNL has a specific look and feel that was completely stripped by quarantine and I, for one, don’t much care for this new world. I’m not one for hot takes but I’ll leave you with this: I think COVID-19 is bad and should kick rocks once and for all. Sorry if that offends.