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Massachusetts Legend Bernie Rubin Of 'Bernie & Phyl's' Furniture Passes Away At The Age Of 82 Due To Complications From Coronavirus

Source - Bernie Rubin, the founder of Bernie & Phyl’s chain of furniture stores, died of coronavirus-related complications, family members said Monday.

Rubin, 82, started a furniture store with his wife Phyllis in 1983 and the retailer expanded throughout New England. He was a Boston native who gave to many charities, including the Boys & Girls Club. Rubin is survived by Phyllis and his children Larry, Michelle and Rob.

God damnit, man. This disease really does not discriminate. For those of you who don't know, Bernie Rubin was a Massachusetts furniture titan with one of the greatest commercial jingles of all time- "Quality, Comfort and Price...That's nice!" Everyone from the Northeast knows that song. 

It's just one of those regional things that you remember from growing up. The Jordan's Furniture guys had "come on down" and Bernie & Phyl had "quality, comfort, and price." There were a few others non-furniture staples worth mentioning as well, Ernie Boch Jr. had everything you were looking for, Water Country in the summer, Wachusett in the winter, but when it came to furniture Bernie & Phyl's was easily the most recognizable. What a shame. 

He is survived by Phyl as well as his children Larry, Michelle and Rob. Rest in peace, Bernie. Hopefully they've got good furniture up there in heaven.