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April 13th Workout: Legs Feed The Wolf

Happy Monday people! Last week I was weighing myself like 10 times a day and becoming obsessed with looking at the number. This week I'm gonna try and not weigh myself all week until Saturday after my workout and see where I'm at. I've officially decided Monday is leg day. Legs feed the wolf and the wolfs gotta eat! It's amazing how much better I feel doing this workout routine this Monday than last Monday. It's an absolute doozy but it feels great when you're done. It's a great home workout leg routine that I got from "The Biggest Looser" trainer Erica Lugo. Here's the workout:

100 Reverse Lunges

90 Leg Lifts (each leg)

80 Glute Bridges

70 Squats

60 Curtsy Lunges

50 Step Ups

40 Calf Raises

30 Burpees

20 Sumo Squats

10 Plyo Jumps

1 Mile Walk