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There Has Been A Massive Discovery In The Study Of Animals That Could Shape This World For Millions Of Years

Birds have adapted -- and optimized -- their survival habits because of humans.

Now, a new study has found that birds that are able to change their behavior in this way are less likely to become extinct than those that do not adapt.

Please excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. I am literally in shock. What a tremendous breakthrough in not only the bird industry, but for the entire civilization, both animals and humans.

BREAKING NEWS: If you are able to change your behavior and adapt to optimize your survival, you have a better chance of surviving.

Wow, this whole time I've been walking around thinking that chameleons change color to look pretty, opossums roll over and play dead for entertainment, and that porcupines shoot their quills when they're bored. But as it turns out, after this extensive study, it appears they're doing it to survive! And animals that can adapt, do survive. While animals that do not adapt, do not survive!

**Credit to Charles Darwin (1809-1892) for the initial discovery 

***Credit to a team of researchers working in both Canada and Spain for confirming what the entire world has known for over a hundred years

This research group is like the Chris Broussard of evolution. Remember when LeBron James literally announced himself that he was returning to Cleveland, and then Broussard ferociously went through his phone and his sources to confirm the report. Uhhh, hey Chris, I also can confirm that LeBron announcing he's returning to Cleveland means he's returning to Cleveland. 

And I also can confirm the confirmation of this report that animals adapt and evolve to survive. Who paid for this study.....? I don't know how scientific research works, but I certainly hope these people aren't footed by the taxpayers. But then again I can't imagine a company would waste their own time and resources on this. I just hope it wasn't the government. The government should be focused on one thing and one thing only these days and that's getting me my $1200 stimulus check, not confirming 5000 year old confirmed theories of evolution.