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Better Social Media Celebration: Big Cat Hitting A Million Or This Soccer Star's Model Girlfriend Getting Verified?

Yesterday was a big day for Big Cat. He hit a million followers, had some ice cream, hopped on video with us to bet some horses and then played a damn video game. In the words of Jimmy V that's a full day. But he's not the only one I've seen celebrate social media dominance. Let me introduce you to Agustina Gandolfo - yes, her name is spelled correctly and I had to pretty much copy and paste it. We have a little Dwyane Wade thing going on with that first name and where the g goes. 

Anywho, Gondolfo is a model and also the girlfriend of Lautaro Martinez, an Argentinian soccer player. Martinez is about to make a shit ton of money as Man City and Chelsea (among others) all want to pay out the ass for him thanks to what he's doing at Inter Milan right now. But again, this is a debate about the celebration. His girlfriend got verified on Instagram! 

Just like Big Cat she went right for the food, which is why I started thinking about the debate here. I wouldn't have guessed that Big Cat would be showing more skin, but that's what makes social media great. So who do you have? Big Cat: 

Or Gandolfo: 

Congrats to both stars!