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Saturday Afternoon Watch: 'I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth Vs. Michelle Carter'

IMDB - Teen Michelle Carter's actions shocked a nation - but what really happened behind closed doors? This HBO special showcases the prosecution's point of view and alternately the defense's. Which side do you fall on?

Since everybody is going to chronicle their days now I figure I might as well start doing the same. This afternoon I spent my time grabbing a sub from Vinny's on Grand (JP's was out of bread, because it's the best) then watching 'I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth Vs. Michelle Carter' on HBO. You might be familiar with this because the headlines of what Michelle Carter did swept the nation. It mostly read "Massachusetts Teen Encourages Boyfriend To Commit Suicide".

Here's an article Jerry wrote about it in 2017:

I really didn't know much about it or follow the case after that initial news rush though. It only crossed my mind when I was browsing for shows to add in my HBO Snake Draft we did on Dog Walk Thursday where I thought that it might be interesting. It turns out that was correct because the whole thing was crazy fascinating in an incredibly depressing way. It's broken down in two parts that are about an hour each. The first hour is the prosecutions case and then the second is the defense.


My movie/TV scale ranking category falls under this:

I Would Rather Water Plants For Two Hours Than Watch This Again

If There's Nothing Else On

Worth Your Time

Drop Everything To Watch This

And I would give this one a firm - Worth Your Time

My personal stance is mixed on the case that I pretty much only know from the documentary. Michelle texting the family after all of it was absolutely psychotic, but the 'Glee' comparisons, and other weird shit that she had brewing in her head made me think that there genuinely might have been something wrong with her. It's where I had trouble figuring out if she leaned more sociopath or mentally ill, but like I said I have absolutely no idea.

Regardless, it's an extremely sad story and I'd be interested to hear what you Massachusetts people think who may have lived nearby or followed the case closer.