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75-Year-Old Ugandan President Releases Home Workout Video From Presidential Palace

That's 75-year-old Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni absolutely getting after it in the Ugandan White House trying to show his country who's boss.

I love this move. he can say it's all about promoting people staying inside and all that, but y'all know damn well this is a stunt to show that the old man's still got it. I actually love this idea.

And because of coronavirus and the uncertainty with what is going to happen with the process leading up to our presidential election in November, I think we should take a page from Uganda's book. If we're unable to have in-person debates, let's have Trump and Biden do a series of physical challenges and live stream it on every network — talk about ratings.

But President Museveni has been re-writing the book on leadership long before this workout video. He came out with a rap video leading up Uganda's 2011 election.

This guy is just built different. A global rule needs to be implemented that every world leader must either release one workout video or perform one rap each term. i think that's only fair, given what President Museveni is putting out there on a regular basis.