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I Have Changed My Mind And Now Think The Redskins SHOULD Take A QB At #2

Fuck me, right? I go on and on and on about how Chase Young is the only player the Skins should even consider taking at #2

And then that girl comes out of nowhere and puts my mind into a pretzel and changes the entire big board.

I mean now there's a decision to make about what to do with #2. Assuming she doesn't pass Burrow at #1, which Cincinnati will definitely be considering, the Dolphins will without a doubt be trying to move up to nab her ahead of Tua. And then what happens to Tua? A complete landscape change in the draft. Now the Skins have so many options.

I still think she ends up falling to 5, as there are some questions about arm strength while not perched way up on a hill above her wide receivers. And these pictures lead me to believe she is more focused on filters than film room 

But I would not be shocked to see all sorts of draft day movement because of this new prospect. Will the Redskins take her at #2? And then what do we do with Haskins? More as I hear it.