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Of Course Disney Is Doing A Live Action Remake Of Their Animated Robin Hood Movie

THR- Disney has targeted Robin Hood as the latest of its animated classics to get the remake treatment. Carlos Lopez Estrada, perhaps best known for directing the 2018 crime movie Blindspotting, is on board to helm the project, which is being written by Kari Granlund. Granlund already is in the Disney fold after having written the studio’s recent remake of Lady and the Tramp.

Justin Springer, who counts the studio’s Dumbo and Tron Legacy among his credits, is producing the feature being developed for the studio’s Disney+ streaming service. 

What, you thought Uncle Walt was going to hemorrhage God knows how much money with all of the Disney parks and movie theaters closed without throwing another animated classic into the Live Action Remake Machine and see how many hundreds of millions of dollars come out from the resulting nightmare? The Mouse doesn't give a shit that the story of Robin Hood has been told more by Hollywood than the story of Christ has been told by the Catholic church. 

That's not to say Disney's Robin Hood isn't an absolute gem. I would say it's the most underrated Disney movie ever with a perfectly cocky main character

A wonderful love interest that made you feel those weird feelings you would later feel about Lola Bunny

A brilliant supporting cast of beautiful misfits, including the perfect Little John and Friar Tuck

The most electric Unit of an athlete since Babe Ruth

And an absolute banger of a signature song

Would I rather Disney not butcher this classic with some awkward real life animals? Of course! But once Lion King got remade to the tune of meh reviews and cash registers ringing up 1.3 billion dollars, no old school movie was safe. At least this news will remind countless parents about the animated Robin Hood movie and help them burn off a few more quarantine hours with the kids by putting it on Disney+ instead of rewatching the same Bubble Guppies episodes for the millionth time. If the tradeoff for is that I have to feel extremely uncomfortable when I see a real life foxy Maid Marian, so be it.

Finally, I couldn't write a Robin Hood blog without tipping my cap to the other 2 Robin Hood movies in every person with a brain's Top 3 that each had their own banger signature song, even if they couldn't be more different than the other two.

Sidenote: Alan Rickman pretty much threw a perfect game as the Sheriff of Nottingham and it's somehow not even CLOSE to his best villain role or one of the first two characters people associate with him. What a legend #RIP