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Movie Trailer Roundup - Mercenary Chris Hemsworth, Train To Busan 2 And More


Jeff and I were fortunate to interview the director of this movie, Sam Hargrave, and see this movie last week. We aren't allowed to say anything about the actual movie, but let me tease it with this. John Wick, one of the best action movies maybe ever, was directed by Chad Stahelski. Stahelski used to be a stunt coordinator, and he used that experience to help make a fresh and entertaining movie. Hargrave is not only from the same pedigree (He did stunts and second-unit direction for movies like Avengers Endgame, Captain America the Winter Soldier, Atomic Blonde etc), but he has also worked under Stahelski before as well. Be excited. It stars Hemsworth, David Harbor (Stranger Things), Golshifteh Farahani (Body of Lies), Randeep Hooda (Once Upon a Time in Mumbai) and more. 

Train to Busan 2 (Peninsula)


I LOVED 'Train to Busan'. It's easily a top 5 zombie movie for me, and it's a must watch for fans of the genre (streaming on netflix). It reminded me a lot of another one of my favorite zombie movies, '28 Days Later' in how it showed the quick devolution of society on a smaller scale. What I am sort of afraid of for this sequel is that it will make the same mistake as '28 Weeks Later'. Instead of focusing on the human aspect, looks like its just jumping up the scale and upping the craziness of the zombie killing. Unlike '28 Weeks Later', this movie has the same director as the original, Sang-ho Yeon. That gives me hope that he will have a little more reverence for what made the first so successfull. It stars Dong-won Gang (1987: When the Day Comes) and Jung-hyun Lee (The Battleship Island). 

The Half of It 

I'm kinda mad they just dumped the big reveal in the trailer for this. Like, what the fuck man. I might have gone into this movie with middling expectations and that twist would have exceeded them. Now I feel like I know too much of what to expect. God damn. Anyway, Alice Wu (Saving Face) directs and it stars Leah Lewis (The Good Doctor) Daniel Diemer (The Man in the High Castle) and a man i recently talked about in my Matrix blog, Collin Chou. 

The Stranger


I like Dane DeHaan, who we interviewed last year for 'The Kid', and I think this is the perfect sort of role for him. Maika Monroe is also great in this genre of movies, which makes me excited for how this turns out. Maybe it will make me finally buy into Quibi. Maybe not, though.