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A Vintage Commercial with John Krasinski and Nomar Garciaparra Take You Into the Weekend

By all the laws of mathematics, I must have seen this commercial a thousand times because I was never not watching Red Sox games back when Nomar was playing. But I swear I have no memory of this. I didn't know it existed until I came across it in an post about vintage commercials for every team. And this was the Sox example. 

It's such an artifact. A bizarre historic anomaly in which two of the all time greats from very different fields crossed paths. Like finding out Larry Bird once met Einstein or Dave Chapelle golfed with Neil Armstrong or Britney Spears worked with Doc Antle. Even then, you could see  future Jim Halpert in Krasinski's deft comic timing. He probably learned everything he ever knew about performing from Nomar during that shoot. And I like to think they still hang out. 

Have a great weekend. Wash your hands.