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GREAT FRIDAY: We Finally Have Charles Barkley Roasting Shaq For Hanging Out With Joe Exotic

Finally! I needed this. We needed this! America needed this! Good Friday just became Great Friday thanks to the band getting back together. There is no better television show in the world than Inside the NBA because of this. The chemistry between them all and Ernie Johnson's ability to somehow keep everything under control and know when to let these guys just go at it. 

But the hottest thing in the world during quarantine is Tiger King. Remember Shaq was somewhat looped in with Joe Exotic because he had visited a couple times, donated money and 'owned' tigers from there: 

I felt robbed that we weren't going to get Barkley making fun of Shaq for this. Luckily we have The Steam Room, a podcast with Ernie and Chuck, and smartly they had on the entire group. That's how we got gems like: 

'Way to take the whole team down.' 

'How much time you spend with Exotic Joe? That's what America really wants to know.' 


What an all-time ricochet shot at Oklahoma City too. Just flat out saying there ain't shit to do there besides sit with Joe Exotic? Rough. That said, Chuck ended up with a perfect meme face here: 

He's got a little Chris Hansen look to him the moment he walks into the room on How To Catch A Predator. Long live these guys. I need a weekly podcast where it's Chuck just roasting Shaq.