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People Who Ripped On My "JUCO" Pick When Drafting Colleges For Today's Dog Walk Episode Are Idiots, Plain and Simple

Today on The Dog Walk we drafted colleges.  

Now mind you, we are doing a snake draft style formats for these lists so we don't have any overlap in our choices. That means we have to be strategic with our picks, be it HBO/Nickelodeon/MTV shows/lunch snacks or in this case, colleges. If I were the first overall pick today, I would have undoubtedly taken Wisconsin but I wasn't, so I couldn't.

This was the clip we used to tease the episode today:

OF COURSE PEOPLE RIPPED ON MY JUCO PICK! It's almost as if they didn't even read my well acclaimed blog ripping apart the American Education System yesterday:

Now in a vacuum, would I ever pick a JUCO over a Wisco/ASU/Bama type 4 year experience? FUCK no. Not in a million years. But if you LISTEN TO THE EPISODE, which you should absolutely should, you'd know that there were factors we had to take into account. Shit like…

…student loans
…distance from home
…party scene

And so on and so forth, or as Ed put it, "a typical 18 year old college choice".  Now like I said in the clip, I'm not talking about College of DuPage or Elgin Community College.  I'm talking about going to a JUCO like Parkland down in Urbana or Mesa Area Community College out in AZ.  Pay a fraction of the cost, deal with a fraction of the schoolwork, and be in the same classes as girls with a fraction of the intelligence, but still have every bit as good a college experience as the coeds down the street from at the 4 year institution. Oh yeah and you wouldn't walk out of the JUCO with a mountain of debt.

This guy had the right idea:

So I implore you, go listen to the episode. Once again, I dominated the draft. When Rick Hahn retires and takes his rightful place in Cooperstown, the White Sox should hire me to run the show, I've been killing the Dog Walk draft game that much.  

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