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Mike Florio Is Not Happy With Tua Defying Tennessee's "Stay At Home" Order To Film His Pro Day

You may remember yesterday that I blogged a story about Mike Florio being FURIOUS with Dez and Dak for throwing a football around during Texas' "stay at home" order. I thought that was going to be the last of Mike Florio destroying NFL players for working out during the quarantine. I was wrong. Very wrong. 

To catch you up, yesterday Tua was supposed to have his Pro Day. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, that Pro Day was canceled. Like other prospects, Tua decided to hold a "virtual Pro Day."

From the video, it seemed like Tua had a great day and most NFL analysts agreed, except for one…Mike Florio:

SOURCE-Tua Tagovailoa‘s virtual Pro Day workouts has generated plenty of buzz. But most in the media have overlooked one undeniable fact regarding the session, which occurred at the D1 Training facility, reportedly in Nashville: It violated the current Tennessee “stay at home” order.

Executive Order 22, as amended by Executive Order 23, make the situation as clear as it can be. D1 Training should have been closed. Neither Tua nor anyone else should have been there. It’s that simple, and it’s that clear. (It’s also clear from the video at the six-feet distancing requirement wasn’t being followed.)

These orders were put in place to limit the spread of the coronavirus. No matter how important it is to Tua to ensure that his draft stock doesn’t plummet amid rumors surely aimed at sparking a slide (right into the laps of one of the teams spreading the rumors, undoubtedly), there was nothing “essential” about his workout.

A live look at Mike Florio storming into your favorite NFL draft prospects Pro Day because they aren't practicing social distancing properly: 

Everybody please thank Mike Florio for his service on the front lines against the Coronavirus. Once this pandemic is over, we will be holding a parade for him. I hope you will join me.

All jokes aside, Florio has definitely been one of the more outspoken guys in sports media when it comes to how serious he is taking COVID-19. You can't blame him. This virus is a killer and it STINKS. Do I think Tua should've canceled his pro day? No, but I get why Florio does. Does that make me a part of the mouth-breathing, COVID-truthing, liberty-loving, who-cares-if-the-virus-kill-grandma crowd? I don't think so. I do love liberty though.