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Mike Florio Is Furious With Dez Bryant And Dak Prescott For Working Out Together

Jordie blogged about Dak and Dez working out together a few days ago:

A funny blog from an Eagles fan called for the suspension of Dak. I'm sure by the tone of the blog that Jordie was just joking around, but I can not say the same thing over at Pro Football Talk because BOY is Mike Florio NOT happy with Dak and Dez:

SOURCE-In videos posted by Bryant on social media, the franchise-tagged quarterback and the pass-catcher who very much would like to return to the Cowboys continue to flaunt their defiance of rules that have caused millions to change their habits dramatically.

Although there’s no evidence in the latest social-media posts of a failure to keep proper distance (and no photos of participants with their arms draped around each other at the end of the workout), Prescott and Bryant as explained by Drew Davisson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram worked out at A+D1 Training in Dallas County, Texas, despite state and local requirements to remain at home and to not work out at gyms.

I get the implication. Dak and Dez are both "role models" (I put the quotes for Dez) in the Dallas community and kids seeing these two working out doesn't really send the right message. Is it Dak and Dez's responsibility to do PSA's on the value of social distancing? No, but it is their responsibility to follow orders from Texas Governor. 

Meanwhile, many are blindly defending Prescott and Bryant against criticism, highlight the undercurrent of ignorance, stupidity, and/or flat-out disregard for the vulnerable members of society who are getting sick and who are dying because people continue to not take steps to freeze the distribution of the virus in its tracks.

Where are the Cowboys as this is happening? Where is the NFL? Perhaps the teams and the league should take a step back from their obsession to ensure that the virtual draft works without any major glitches to ensure that everyone connected to the league is following the same laws that so many others are adhering to, even if we’d rather not.

Florio is a smart guy, so I'd assume he understands there is currently no martial law in effect. I'm not sure what he wants to happen? This was a situation where 5 guys got together and were running routes on air. There is a photo of them all together, but I'd assume most of them were socially distanced for the most part. I'm sure there is much worse "non social distancing" going on in parks throughout the DFW area. The thought of Mike Florio just going to a park and yelling at people is funny. 

Does he want a fine from the NFL? I'm sure the NFLPA would have something to say about that. 

I get Florio's argument. These guys "shouldn't" be doing this. As Rico Bosco says, some things are bigger than sports. It is America after all and there is no martial law currently in effect. It's not like they threw a house party with 800 people. You could even say these players were spreading the good word of wearing gloves to prevent the spread of the disease. 

Crazy times we are living in. Old men are yelling at clouds about football players throwing a football around. The craziest part is he kind of has a point. 

P.s. Dez still wants to play: