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If You Want Football This Fall, The NFL Needs To Suspend Dak Prescott Immediately

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas issued a stay-at-home order that went into effect at 12:01am on Thursday. Do you see that time stamp right there? This tweet from Dez was at 4:33pm on Thursday. 

Considering the order prohibits social gatherings and in-person contact unless you are engaged in an essential service or activity, it appears that Dak Prescott here is clearly breaking the law. 

Now I understand that in Texas, football may technically be considered an "essential activity". But even still. In a time when we have no idea when we're ever going to get sports back into our lives, is it really essential for an overrated quarterback to be working out with a washed up receiver without practicing safe social distancing? For sure not. It's reckless. It's selfish. It's honestly the worst thing that anybody in the NFL has ever done before. 

So for that, Roger Goodell needs to step up here and do the right thing. Dak Prescott has put the entire league in jeopardy. Heck, he's putting it in double jeopardy right now. Suspend him for the year, take away their 1st round draft pick in the draft next year so they can't just tank for Trevor Lawrence, and force them to re-hire Jason Garrett as their head coach for at least the next 5 years. Send a message here, Rog. Nobody is bigger than the game.