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Netflix Has Done It Again! They Have A New Dating Show Where Everyone Is Super Hot But They're Not Allowed To Kiss Or Have Sex

Netflix, you genius bastards!

I've long said I'm not a reality TV guy. Dating shows, competition shows, documentaries, all of it I don't particularly care for. I like fake, scripted shows because I like for my head to live in fake, scripted worlds. But this right here? This is BRILLIANT.

Taking a bunch of hot people who like to party, the kind of people who ask questions like "yo where the girls at" when they were clearly invited to a guy's night and walk around acting like they have a medical need for pussy, then forbidding them from sex is downright incredible. It's going to be magnificent to watch all these people realize that it's not sex that makes things complicated, it's their dumb brains that do.

And the best part? How clear this makes it that Netflix will be the first "network" to have a porn reality series. Probably by 2023 at the latest. Let's stop flirting with it and dive on in, folks. Sign the release and let's see how aspiring amateur pornstars live. Because I've never seen someone on television and not thought, "wonder how they do sex?" It started when I watched Kelly Kapowski as a kid and it's continued to every time I see Wolf Blitzer as an adult. If your profession involves cameras on you, if you've got the slightest bit of notoriety, I'd watch you have sex. We're almost there.  

PS - I think I'd crush on this show. Most of the best nights are when you go out and don't even try to hook up, or when your girlfriend tells you she's on her period and she's not gonna have sex that night, so you let the dog all the way off the leash and order tequila shots with appetizers. When you get the all clear that your dick can check out for the evening and you'll meet up again in the morning? That's when the party party starts.

PPS - In that trailer one of the girls asks "Is blue balls a thing?" and the guy makes one of those faces you make when you don't want to lie but you kinda have to lie. I hate to be a snitch but it's not. Blue balls is not a thing.