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This Is The Most Turned On I've Been In Quarantine


Before we get into this, I know my headline is a bit dramatic. But guess what? It's 100% facts (and news flash, I'm also a bit dramatic). Yes, college football news is getting me going. And I have 0.0% shame. It's been a LONG month in isolation. If you're in a distance situation or not q'ed up with your +1, you are probably having to get prettyyyyy creative in that department. If college football does the trick and fires up a facetime session, who are you to judge??

PS - Shout out Justin Timberlake and Nsync for being way ahead of time here. Wild this song was written back in 2000. 

Anywayyyy. This is the best news I have seen since this thing started. Like Jack said when this news broke, there has mostly been seemingly bad vibes around the 2020 football season up until now. Kirk Herbstreet said cancel. ADs said we're all screwed. Main stream media has been calling this thing off for days now (more on that in a little bit, I have thoughts). I mean, hell, LAST NIGHT some dude in Santa Clara County said no sports until Thanksgiving. Things have been GRIM.

Until now.

First and foremost - and I can't say this enough - if playing football is a health hazard to the point where a bunch of people are going to die as a result? Then no, football shouldn't be played. I'm not a monster. BUT if it's safe to play IN ANY FORM OR FASHION, fuck yes I want to play football. 

In the most obvious statement of all time, I want the season to look like it always does. I would love to live in a world where Dan, Dave, Brandon and I are traveling in early September without a care in the world. However, along with all of life right now, that could be a fantasy and the game itself could look very different for a season.  But call me crazy, if its an either/or of no college football or modified college football? 10/10 give me SOMETHING. I don't care if the stadiums are empty. I don't care if there are rule changes - a la Major League Baseball. If it means there is football on my TV, play away. 

I'm also logical enough to understand that Schefter is probably talking to people inside the NCAA and at major programs, all of whom want to see football played for obvious reasons. It's easy to be skeptical that this news is a result of a pipe dream of hope (and money) that the season will be played. But…

The way I see it is that if it was a HARD NO for football to happen because of this virus, they wouldn't be even floating the idea out there. It would be an "absolutely-fucking-not, don't even get your hopes up" situation. Instead, there IS hope. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel. Even if it's a tiny one, it just came in the form of a Schefty bomb.

And by the way, you're not a bad human being if you want football to come back this fall, despite what some of the internet says. For some reason there are national sports media people trying to make us feel like shit for saying the season should be played if it's safe. Guess what? Nobody actually knows what the hell is going on. It's ok to have hope that life is going back to normal and that includes football. Hope is what sports fans need the most to survive or what's the point?

So ya, much like I wanted to send GoT a nude, I am actually turned on by this news. No click bait here. I'm probably going to make a call to the most attractive person I know as soon as I press publish. See yall on the other side (and somewhere on the road this fall for the Barstool CFB Show).