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White House Reporter Asks Donald Trump If He Will Pardon Joe Exotic

The worst part of Trump being president has nothing to do with politics. Trump the President took away Trump The Entertainer. He probably would have figured out a way to get that pardon done as just a regular old billionaire reality TV star. He cant do that kinda shit under the POTUS microscope. You know Donald Trump the Entertainer would probably have a season of The Apprentice up and running right now with Joe Exotic vs Jeff Lowe. Two different teams with Joe and Jeff as the captains. Teammates from the Love Is Blind cast. Guest appearances by the most famous Tik Tok stars. An episode featuring Portnoy. It would be absolutely ELECTRIC.

Instead hes gotta worry about a "global pandemic" and "saving lives" and "a collapsing economy" and all this other shit that is BORRRRRR-RINGGGG. You know he just wants to fuck hoes in a Vegas hotel room with Jeff Lowe's harem of hookers and a bunch of mini tigers running around the joint. I cant believe this guy gave up that lifestyle to go be the PRESIDENT. Worst job in the world. We all lost when Donald Trump the Entertainer was lost. 

PS - I know everyone was entertained by the documentary, but 2 things

1) It wasnt THAT good. The hype was a product of Quarantine commonalities, and being exposed to that Florida lifestyle. I know Joe was in Oklahoma, but Florida is state of mind, not a state of the union. 

2) Joe Exotic is for sure guilty and is a bag of shit that should be in prison. Just because Carol Baskin is also a murderer and Jeff Lowe is also a scumbag and all these other people in the doc sucked so fucking much doesnt erase the fact that Joe Exotic is a bad person who should probably stay in jail.