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Kevin Kisner Guarantees That The John Deere Classic Will Have The Best Field In Its History This Year


Now it should be noted that our good friend Kevin Kisner didn't actually commit to the John Deere Classic but he got about as close to committing as you can get without committing. A classic non-commit commitment. I don't want to put extra pressure on Kisner to commit by putting his words on a website with a huge readership that may or may not try to pressure him into playing in the JDC but...........whoops.

But the real story here is that he guarantees the John Deere Classic, also known as the 5th major, will have the best field in JDC history now that the R&A has decided to cancel the 2020 Open Championship. I don't wanna say I told you so back when rumors started to swirl about the Open being cancelled, but I told you so

Silver lining? The John Deere Classic might have the strongest field ever if things calm down by July and the JDC is allowed to be played. The one and only reason the JDC has a historically bad field (0 for 50 on top 50 players last year) is because it's always a week before the Open Championship. Meaning golfers playing in the Open prefer to already be across the pond during that week before preparing for the tournament. So the JDC gets fucked outta top tier golfers coming to Silvis, Illinois. But guess what? Now there's no Open Championship this year. It'd be a real shame for the h8ers of the JDC (Riggs and Frankie) if it was one of the first tournaments back post-coronavirus and it became a must-see event. A real shame indeed.

And that's exactly what Kiz is saying. Matthew Fitzpatrick essentially said the same thing on Fore Play last week. You feel that? That's buzz folks. That's buzz building around the golf world and beyond that the JDC is gonna be a must-see event in July. Come summer time, all eyes might be focused on Silvis, Illinois and TPC Deere Run. What a turn that would be a. A tournament goes from having zero of the top 50 players in the world to having a field like a WGC event. What a turn indeed. 

Now obviously all of this hinges on what happens with the coronavirus and not one person on planet Earth knows what's gonna happen with that. The PGA Tour hopes to start playing tournament again in mid-June without fans but that seems HIGHLY optimistic in my eyes. 

But for just a moment, close your eyes and envision all of the best golfers in the world battling for this illustrious trophy