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If The NHL Cancels The Rest Of The 2019-20 Season, We Need A Pro Beach Hockey Tournament In The Summer To Award The Stanley Cup

2 years ago I wrote that it was finally time to bring back Pro Beach Hockey. 

I was wrong. So wrong. Because NOW is the time when the world needs PBH the most. Because as much as it sucks to think about, there's still a very real chance that the 2019-20 NHL season is over as we know it. And yes, I know there have been some reports about possibly playing out the rest of the season in North Dakota but who knows if that'll actually be a viable option. The fact of the matter is that we at least need to start embracing ourselves for the potential that the season is dunzo. 

And if that's the case...well then tell me one good reason why we shouldn't and couldn't get 8-10 guys from each team to head to Huntington Beach, California for a week over the summer and strap on the wheels instead? No offense to North Dakota or anything but I can guarantee you that you'd have a much easier job convincing these guys to all take a trip to LA instead. I'm sure North Dakota is beautiful and I'm sure it's a great place to live. But you gotta give these guys a little nightlife buzz as well. Even if its just all the young single dudes on each team showing up for this tournament. The majority of the stars in the NHL right now are all under 25 so you send them to LA, have them play a few games of roller during the day, let them get absolutely mangled at night, and whichever team ends up being the least hungover by Saturday morning ends up with Lord Stanley's Cup. Which is really the way it's supposed to be anyway. 

Also--every team has to wear whatever jerseys they were wearing in the 90s. That should be a given. Maybe put Whit and Biz in the broadcast booth (keep Snoop as far away as possible) and all of a sudden we have an unreal tourney on our hands. Make it happen, Gary. The world is depending on you now more than ever.