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I Simply Cannot Handle Any More 2nd Period Broadcasts With Snoop Dogg In The Booth On Chel

I'm not a big time video game guy but since there's not shit else to do these days, I've been going pretty hard on NHL 20. Not to brag or anything but in my Be A Pro career, I already hit 50 goals in like 20 games. Comin' for that ass, Wayne. 

But the point of my blog isn't that a rookie is about to break the single season goals and points record in the NHL. The point here is that as much as this pains me to say...I think I'm out on Snoop Dogg. I'm willing to admit that I was wrong. I was all the way in on Snoop in Chel back in December. 

But that's when I would only fire up the Xbox like once a week. Now that there's not shit else going on and I'm playing every day? I've heard Snoop Dogg's voice over the past month more than I've heard my own grandmother's voice over the past 5 years. Maybe that means I should give her a call, but maybe it means that NHL throws Snoop into the broadcasting mix wayyyyyyy too frequently. 

And I get it. EA Sports couldn't have seen this coming when they first threw him into the mix. I'm sure they didn't see coronavirus coming so I'm sure they didn't think that it would get that annoying this quickly. But something needs to be done here. Either they need to have a few more guests on the broadcast to mix it up a little bit, or we just need to hear from Snoop Dogg once every like 50 games or so. If I have to hear about how Snoop Dogg and Stanley have an understanding 17 or 18 more times, I swear to god I'm going to lose my mind.