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Jayson Tatum Is So Bored He's Burying People On Twitter

One of the good parts of this shitty situation we all find ourselves in is it's given players more time to be on social media. IG Lives telling hilarious stories, players dropping in with fans and making their life, hopefully it's something that continues for years to come every offseason. It's also given them more time to tweet and it appears Jayson Tatum has all the time in the world. If there's one thing I know about Jayson Tatum as a complete stranger that just watches him on TV and writes about him on the internet, he is very proud of being from St. Louis. You better thank the heavens they don't have an NBA team or else he'd be there in a minute. So my guess is he takes his high school basketball career seriously. 

I won't pretend to know the backstory here. No idea if Tatum knows this person of it it's just a random hater on the internet. But what I do know is that talking shit to Jayson Tatum about the sport of basketball, a person who did this as a teenager

and is currently backing it up with this

probably isn't the best idea. We really don't see Tatum be so loud like this but hey quarantine brain will get the best of anyone. This poor bastard, every time he replied he probably thought he got the best of Tatum only to be on the wrong end of a kill shot after kill shot. There's really no coming back from the favorite player line. That's a wrap for this little back and forth. There's certainly no shame in Tatum being your favorite player, I for one enjoy the experience. 

Would I prefer Tatum be playing right now? Of course. But at this point I'll take any form of entertainment and watching him bury this dude on Twitter is the best we have right now so who am I to complain.