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The Best Idea Yet: CJ McCollum Is Trying To Convince The NBA For A 1-on-1 Tournament Where You Pick Your Opponent

Yep, an absolute no-brainer here. What is the NBA waiting for considering CJ said pitched and this was all past tense? This needs to happen at whatever the next All-Star Game is. You're telling me you aren't here to see what players get pissed off about being picked? What rivalries come about because a 1-on-1 game gets too physical? Fuck this under 6'3" or 6'5" rule too. Let them all play. 

You know who Damian Lillard will pick right away too: 

We've had a bunch of smart plays already. Moving the All-Star Game to captains and letting them pick their teams. Hell, even the Elam Ending ended up being awesome (except for the FT part, but the concept played). The NBA has been more than willing to adapt and change with All-Star Weekend. This one is simple, play this on Friday. You have the Rising Stars game that night, play this during the day preferably on an outside court. 

Games to 15, win by 2. Championship game is best out of 3. Don't do any fan voting or bullshit like that, literally pick a name out of a hat, they pick their opponent, put it on the bracket, move to the next one. That's how we build this thing. Take fans out of it except for watching. Plus, imagine people trying to figure out who to pick. Do you pick someone you're friendly with, what about a teammate? Add some money - do a 50/50 split with that person's charity. Think I just solved this. Fuck, I'll run commissioner on this event. 

Oh and then right after it finishes put the All-Star captains together and have them pick their teams on the playground. Let's just start pissing everyone off right away. 

Who would the favorites be? Pre-injury, Durant would be the popular pick and he still might end up being it. I'd go with Kawhi assuming he cares enough about it. He has the ability to guard pretty much anyone, can shoot, can finish. That's the guy that I'd take to win this.