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Dabo Swinney Takes Private Plane To Vacation During COVID Outbreak, But Don't Worry, The Plane Was Sanitized

Late last week, we finally heard Dabo's long-awaited thoughts on Coronavirus:

Tigers stands for







Just outstanding work by Dabo. You may not like him, you may refer to him as Osama bin Dabo (he has referred to himself as this), but you've gotta admit that he always stays on brand. 

Dabo stayed in the news throughout the weekend:

The good news is that the plane was sanitized. Once I heard that, I decided everything was fine. The bad news for Dabo is not everyone thought that:

I'm not a Coronavirus shamer. If Dabo wants to pay for a private plane to take him to Florida, then that's his god-given right in this country, dammit. However, if I was Dabo's PR guy? Yeah, I'd tell him this is an awful idea. Stay your ass at home. You can take vacations for the rest of your life.