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Texas Woman Literally Named Karen Declares On Facebook "You Dont Need Hand Sanitizer, You Need Faith And Guns," Promptly Dies Of Corona Virus

Now, Sunn m'Cheaux is not be here to mock, and neither am I. Corona Virus is a disease that does not discriminate, its trying to kill anything and everything it can and theres no one life that matters more than the nex....HAHAH I'm sorry I'm just kidding I'm most certainly here to mock. You're telling me a white woman...named Karen...who spends here time on Facebook posting wack job manifestos about government and religion...who literally said all you need to beat Corona Virus is guns and God...promptly got Corona virus and died? Its a headline plucked straight from The Onion and is a front runner for Most Satisfying at this year's Darwin Awards.

There is nothing more satisfying than anti-vaxxers who die of diseases that could be stopped by vaccines. And that goes hand in hand with God nuts who arent saved by their God. And let me be clear - If you want to quietly pray to your God in the middle of a pandemic, or a hurricane, or some other tragedy that you've underestimated because you believe in your fairy tale, go nuts. Thats your choice to die because of the story you've been told. I dont love the idea of innocent people dying, but I'm not really gonna lose sleep over it. But the loud mouths? The ones who are spreading their brain dead, illogical bullshit? The Facebook Ranters of America? And the ones who are trying to kill other kids with their vaccine bullshit, or in this case the Karen's of the world who are contributing to the spread of a disease that is crippling society? They are the ones I have a problem with. If you want to die a mind-numbingly-stupid, impossible-to-comprehend ignorant death, thats your prerogative. But shut the fuck up and do it quietly and alone so you dont take anyone out with you. Like right now the "bathe in the blood of Jesus" freaks:

Fred over at @OldTakesExposed must be SALIVATING. I mean I'd be lying If I said I was rooting for some swift, scientific, Darwinism justice. Do these fucking NUTJOBS hear themselves? You're COVERED IN HIS BLOOD? What the fuck are you lunatics talking about? I am all for religion providing a sense of community and structure and teaching people to love one another, but if you havent noticed pretty much all the shit falls by the wayside in every religion and all thats left is the crazies. These morons are still going to their megachurches, listening to this fucking Halloween decoration bobble head blow away the Corona Virus:

How can you be a functioning adult…one with a job and a family…one with the internet and access to all the information of the modern world…and still trust this moronic bullshit? Again if it was just isolated to you and only you - you can have your beliefs and I have mine. I'm pretty comfortable with where I've placed my chips. Over here with the "science" and the "logic" and "evolution." When the day comes, and we see who's right and who's wrong, we can hash it out then. As a matter of fact Louis CK has an unbelievable bit about that, and if this is me one day, so be it:

But I'm prettay, prettay sure I'm not gonna get Old Takes Exposed on this one. I'm pretty confident banking on your Jesus Christ Blood Bath is not only gonna lead to your death one day, but at the rate you're going with your facebook declarations and your evening news preaching, you're gonna take down a whole bunch of people with you. So do us all a favor, and if you wanna kill yourself or your kids, just keep it to that. Keep it within the walls of your own fucking loony bin house. Let the rest of us with brains survive, please. Thank you in advance. You stupid motherfuckers. 

PS - Theres only ONE PERSON on this planet I will give a free pass to when it comes to idiocy regarding vaccines and science and health, and that's Lil Jon

He's allowed to say that shit because he's got the beat to make your booty go clap