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Rounding Up All The Weekend Beef

I'm like a proud father writing this blog. Slowly but surely my timeline every weekend has become breeding grounds for all your homemade Italian Beefs. It's a blessing and responsibility that I embrace wholeheartedly, and one that's amplified in this time of crisis and need. If you overlaid a chart of homemade italian beefs during the quarantine over a chart of % of Americans social-distancing, you would see a perfectly correlated relationship. 

It's good math - Fibonacci

The more time indoors, the more beefs I get and it's honestly become so overwhelming that we're transitioning to a blog. At least for now. The volume is too much for me to retweet without violating Twitters terms and conditions of NSFW content. Don't sue me cuz they're soft. 


The Baptisms

Batting 1st is the leading candidate for best new category of video on the internet this year and that's Italian Beef Baptisms. I like it on a Sunday morning but really there's no bad to baptize a few pounds of prime chuck roast in the crockpot. By principle these are all 8.0's and above. Shoutout to my guys that use very large bay leafs. The bigger the better. And even bigger shoutout to my non Chicagoans that are stepping outside their comfort zone to try and master one of our all time favorites. If you guys need giardinieria then obviously go here. 


The Night Before

Love the guys that give me their night before shots like it's the night before 1st day of school. You guys keep this world moving during a global pandemic, don't you ever fucking forget it. Gotta be prepared always. 


The Finished Product

Still no clue what this buzz is all about? Then step aboard my gravy train. Next stop O-Town. 

I'm fine with cheese on a homemade beef. I don't prefer it. But I understand if you want to fuck with it. Just don't expect the guys at Johnnie's or Al's or Jay's or Luke's etc. to respect you if asked for on their turf.