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The Official Barstool Chicago Italian Beef Recipe

There's been a beef recipe floating around the internet now and it's getting to be overwhelming with how much people love it. The volume of requests and overall success have been nothing short of ridiculous, so here's a full blown blog on the famous 9 hour recipe that's blowing up timelines at an unprecedented rate. Also, with the Super Bowl lurking, here's your chance to take your crockpot game to the next level. I'm not saying you'll get your dick sucked for pulling this off, but I can promise you there's a good reason so many people want to make their own beef:

I can keep going

But hopefully by now you get the point. My mentions are inundated with other men's crockpot and that's because the following recipe is so fucking easy and simple and delicious. So without further adieu, here is the Official Barstool Chicago Homemade Italian Beef Recipe from our good friend JoeMcG1981:

So there you have it. Everyone loves this damn recipe and now I have a bookmark out there for the most frequently asked question of 2020. With the Super Bowl around the corner we call this a win-win-win.

Now go make yourself a beef.