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An Instagram Influencer With 1.3 Million Followers Gets Absolutely BLOWN UP By A Twitter Mega-Thread Exposing Her For Either A) Faking Coronavirus or B) Infecting The Entire Hamptons By Traveling Out East To Model Pajamas After She Tested Positive

Using her personal connections might have just cost her future ones.

Arielle Charnas, the influencer who sparked outrage after using her hookups to get tested for COVID-19, posted a weepy video to her Instagram stories Thursday of herself apologizing through tears for the faux pas — while claiming her family has received death threats.

“Just wanted to come on here and say I’m sorry,” Charnas, 32, said while wiping a tear with the back of her hand. “Um, I never in a million years wanted to hurt anyone and, um, we’re not bad people.” [NY POST]

A couple quick notes about this story:

1) The thread was sent to me by my best friend Dan. You may know him better as Big Cat. When Big Cat texts me "you gotta read this thread about this influencer" at midnight while you're doing laundry, you drop what you're doing to read the thread.

2) No idea who Sophie Ross is outside of the places she has written for in her bio. Not researching it, don't need to know. Perfectly possible that she has a tweet out there saying she hates Barstool Sports and wants us all to die. Maybe even Kmarko specifically. Don't care. Doesn't matter. All that matters is how thoroughly and totally and completely she just ANNIHILATED this unbelievably cocky, spoiled, privileged, and quite possibly murderous Instagram Influencer, and for that reason only...I Stan.

Like I said...she had a mega-thread. This is one of those easy blogs where I don't really need to explain anything, or really say anything at all other than what I already said. There is quite literally nothing I could add even if I wanted to after Sophie just put a high powered microscope on every move of this bitch's life since the day she "got Coronavirus." 

Note: Been trying to figure out the best way to post these threads to make them as easy to read as possible. I recommend opening the Thread Reader link above. Otherwise here is a big chunk of the thread below, you can open up any one and continue on Twitter from there:

Click the thread to see how that trip to the Hamptons turned out for Arielle…

Finally, the world was treated to her "apology"

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