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The 2020 Basketball Hall Of Fame Class Is Set And It's Legendary

When the Basketball HOF first announced it's eligible candidates for the Class of 2020 you knew it was going to be a pretty loaded class

I then wrote this blog that talked about who may or may not have had a chance to get in

outside of the three locks of Kobe/Duncan/KG. To be honest I'm a little surprised Bosh didn't make it in on his first try but do think he'll eventually get in. Hopefully we won't have another Chris Webber situation on our hands (I saw both deserve it). Shawn Marion may have the fate of being in the Hall Of The Very Good which isn't the worst place to be. But there is no arguing against the trio we are getting, all three are some of the greatest players to ever play the sport and the very definition of no brainers

I cannot wait to hear KG's speech, that is going to be electric city.  We even may actually see Duncan show emotion. But I already know I am going to ball my eyes out with whatever ends up happening with Kobe. Maybe it's his family, maybe it's a rotation of players and coaches, it just really sucks that we will never get to hear him give that speech. That speech would have been AWESOME. Shit, I already find myself getting a little emotional every time I see him in that MJ Doc trailer. 

Now, is this the best class in history? I'm not ready to say that. 2009 was pretty legit with MJ/David Robinson/John Stockton in terms of players. 1980 was stacked as well with Jerry Lucas/Jerry West/Oscar Robertson. 2018 had Ray Allen, Grant Hill, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash. Either way the 2020 class will include some of the most influential talents the league has ever seen and some of its most iconic figures. Not bad.