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Rex Ryan Savagely Drags Amari Cooper: 'I Wouldn't Have Paid This Turd'

Goddamn, Rex Ryan. When he was coaching I used to say that if he hadn't been born, I'd have had to invent him. He was an unstoppable blog fodder factory. Like a wartime armaments plant that worked all three shifts at full capacity. And now that he's wearing a mic full time - and not just holding court behind a podium, finding a way to make himself the story week in and week out like before - the Ryan machine is still churning out the products. 

It doesn't even matter if you agree with his point about Amari Cooper or not. And I happen to. Yes, he's good for 1,000 yards a year, guaranteed. But how many times can you honestly remember him stepping up in big games and changing the course of a season? I'll concede he had a nice game against Seattle in the Wild Card game a couple of years ago, with seven catches and a 106 yards. But he's been in just three playoff games in his career for a reason. He's just not that impactful a player, and I don't give a tinker's damn how many times I have to hear he's the best route-runner in the game. $100 million is a ridiculous price to pay for a guy who was 22nd in receptions, 8th in yards, 18th in Y/R, 9th in Y/TGT and had as many receiving touchdowns as Darius Slayton. 

But whether you think Cooper is worth it or not, the more relevant point is that Ryan gives you want you want in a TV analyst, but makes him a unicorn in that line of work: He has no filter. He talks more or less like he would've talked behind closed doors working for the Ravens, Jets or Bills. He gives no fucks. But he's also not faking it just to generate phony heat for his molten lava takes like some of the other guys do. This beef with Cooper sounds almost personal. Like there's bad blood between them. Maybe Cooper downvoted a picture of Mrs. Ryan's fee on some swinger's site or something. Whatever it is, I appreciate the honesty.

Here's hoping Ryan keeps it up and never, ever goes back to the sidelines. The more Sexy we get on TV, the better it is for America.