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The Governor of Georgia "Just Found Out" How The Coronavirus Spreads

On Wednesday, Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia announced a statewide stay-at-home policy because, "those individuals could've been infecting people before they ever felt bad... But we didn't know that until the last 24 hours. And as Dr. Toomey told me, this is a game changer for us." Here's the full clip:

"Well we didn't know that before the last 24 hours..."

You've got to be fucking kidding me. This guy is in charge of an entire STATE. A large and important one, Georgia, home to Atlanta, and several professional sports teams which we'd like to be able to play sports again one day. I guess Brian never googled this thing a single time to see the death rate is close to 1% and that most people are asymptomatic (known all along by ALL), OR noticed that it has the number "19" in the name, as in it was made in 2019 and it's so strong that it migrated to his state from China, killing thousands of people along the way. 

Governor Kemp must have also missed this gem from Idris Elba who got the virus over 2 FUCKING WEEKS AGO, aired it to the entire world, and never showed a single symptom.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Governor Kemp, he's been asymptomatic the entire time…

So…. in conclusion, for a guy who is supposed to be in charge of the public safety of an entire state, and ended up moving to a stay-at-home order in the end anyway…

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