Hero High School Wrestler and Local Badass Joins the Show to Tell His Story

Earlier this week, Hard Factor covered the story of a High School Wrestler who took down some douchebag trying to kidnap three children at a local gas station.  Canaan "The Beast" Bower, 16, of Las Cruces, New Mexico, was getting gas when he heard the screams of a woman in distress.  Without even thinking, Canaan and his big ass balls jumped in his truck, sped across the street and ran into the gas station where the alleged kidnapper was attempting to kick down a door where the woman and her three children were hiding.  Canaan leaped into action, taking the suspect down from behind and laid all 275+ pounds on him until the police arrived.  All of this was caught on camera and should be the only thing this kid sends out to colleges for recruiting.  

Fucking Hero.

Canaan was nice enough to join the show today and discuss how life has been since the incident.  He's been hailed a local hero by many, and his parents are sure as hell proud of him.  After the video went viral, many reached out to donate to Canaan as a thank you. In hopes to put it towards a college fund, Canaan's father, Troy Bower, posted this to his Facebook page. 


You can read and listen to the full story below as well as the interview from today's episode of Hard Factor News.  


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