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Hero High School Wrestler Becomes Champion of the World

Days after falling short at the State wrestling championship, a New Mexico teen and District 3-5A Champ, Canaan Bower, was hailed a hero and Champion of the World after he saved three kids from some psycho at a local gas station.   

Last week in Las Cruces, New Mexico, a mother and her three children got off the bus and waited for their Uber to arrive, when local scumbag and presumable psychopath, Daniel Arroyo Beltran, ran up and grabbed one of the children and demanded the others. This moron allegedly attempted the snatching in broad daylight at a fairly crowded gas station and showed no remorse.  Brave bystanders attempted to step in but were no match for this fist flailing douchebag.  Punching his way through multiple people, Beltran was able to make his way inside after the woman and her kids fled into the store of the gas station where others tried to protect them.  That's when Canaan Bower arrived, and as others ran out, he ran in.  This 16-year-old beast looks well over 6 feet tall and had just come off losing in the state championship tournament in the 285-pound HEAVYWEIGHT CLASS.  FUCKING.  BEAST. For Canaan. who was probably needing to get his teenage pent up aggression out, he was at the right place at the right time.  For Beltran... not so much.  

At least that's how I pictured it... 

Canaan "The Beast" Bower snuck up behind Daniel "The Bitch" Beltran and took him to the ground instantly.  Displaying textbook technique and execution, Canaan unloaded all 285+ pounds onto Beltran and laid there until police arrived.  

Though there is no belt to be awarded, it's easy to say that Canaan is the Champion of the World and one badass mother fucker that you don't want to mess with.  

You can watch the full video of what went down below, as one woman who Beltran assaulted, can be seen holding him at bay with a slippery floor sign, and it looks like she may have got a few licks in.  

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