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Are Me And Kirk Herbstreit...Friends?

Kirk Herbstreit made me pretty upset the other day. 

He had one of the most doom-and-gloom takes so far about Coronavirus and it's impact on college football, and I didn't take it lightly. 

C'mon Herby. You're pretty much the face and voice of college football. You gotta have more hope! I know this virus is a terrible, god-awful thing for everyone on the planet. But damn man, no college football? 

I don't want to think about a world like that. 

But you know what? It seems like he could tell I was disappointed by this and went out yesterday to totally redeemed himself. 

Ahh Ol' Herby. Trying to be the cool uncle here to his fellow blond hair, blue-eye, college football loving brethren. Dropping a "bro" on me. 

He's definitely been spending too much time with major bro David Pollack. The "You Had One Job" segment is essentially 60 seconds of him saying "bro what are you DOING bro" while Maria Taylor tries to move on to the next clip and the audience just wonders how much longer they have to sit through this clearly sponsored and forced bit. (Congrats on the Hall of Fame though, David).

But nothing soothes you into a Saturday morning in the fall like the smooth pipes and poignant college football discussion of Kirk Herbstreit. He's been the voice of my generation's Saturday mornings for our whole life. 

So if you're wondering, have I ever met Kirk? Nope. 

Will I kick back this fall when college football happens on time and say "that's my bro Kirk" every Saturday while watching College Gameday? Yep.