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They Are Publicly Shaming People In El Salvador For Breaking Coronavirus Quarantine

"No debo andar en la calle” is Spanish for... "I should not walk in the street"

I'm sure this video will spark debates about police using their powers to shame people or the effectiveness of marching people a foot apart at a time where every person with a brain knows you should be socially distancing 6+ feet to help curb the goddamn pandemic running train on the world. But as someone living in the state that just so happens to be the epicenter of the virus and saw a scene like this occur less than 48 hours ago:

I have to say there is something to be said for public shaming since politely asking doesn't seem to be working and shaming clearly works (Source: My experiences as both a parent and a Barstoo employee). I would love to take every person in that picture and march their ass home as that old bird from Thrones rang a bell and yelled "Shame".

I suppose you can make a case that all that march did was turn Cersei into a ruthless bitch to a ruthless mass murderous bitch. But I think if she was forced to throw up the surrender cobra, it actually would've filled her with the perfect amount of humility and shame for her actions, which would have led to Westeros being perfectly at peace once she returned to the Red Keep. In fact, lets just all agree that is how Thrones ended and no debo andar en la calle.