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Zonker, Owner of, Finally Speaks About His Infamous Feud with Portnoy

Zonker, the idiosyncratic domain-squatter who has for years refused to sell to Dave Portnoy, broke his silence tonight on Mincel Intel, a Youtube show hosted by fans of the Kirk Minihane Show.

Zonker claimed to have purchased to run an email server for the first generation of web engineers in 1995, but he repurposed the site into a minimal effort trolling operation after Barstool Sports grew into a mammoth -- and at times, controversial -- media empire. 

"One of the things that started the grudge with Barstool is this idea that they were entitled to know what I was doing with it, that it was their business, so many people thinking I had to tell them how much it costs," he said. "Literally people angry with me because I wouldn't give it to Dave -- I even had one idiot like death threat me." 

Although Zonker has always harbored a curious disdain for Portnoy, he doesn't have the same enmity for everyone at Barstool.

"I always liked Big Cat for some reason," he said. "I actually do pick on KFC, but I really have no reason to. He's always been cool."  

As for the fate of the coveted web domain, Zonker now says he'd be willing to part with for a large sum of money. But Portnoy has recently made it clear that the value of the shorter web handle has vanished as his company has grown. 

So for now, Zonker is content to redirect the site to whatever he thinks will piss Portnoy off the most.

"I was just thinking maybe I should leave to [Blind] Mike in my will since he seems like someone who could carry on the tradition," he said.