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Rivalry Back On: Drake Tried To Step In Via IG Comments To Stop Rihanna From Roasting KD

Alright I think we all know that coronavirus is a serious thing. It's why we are all social distancing and doing everything to help out here. But, this? Rihanna is fucking ruthless man. 

You may ask why is the rivalry back on bitches. Well, remember the 2017 NBA Finals? She was chirping Durant so bad that he was treating her like Spike Lee. He started staring her down after each shot. And by chirping I mean screaming brick apparently: 

But the funniest part of this exchange, which happened during DJ Spade's IG Live is 100% Drake. Just begging friends to play nice. It's exactly what I picture Drake to be like during this. That said, calling Durant treyfive is so stupid. First off, he changed numbers. Second, 35 is a shit basketball jersey number. Trey five doesn't make that cool. Remember when Drake covered up Durant's number tattooed on him during the Finals? 

Oh, never forget this too: 

I'll tell you what, Rihanna is climbing my ranks again. Just a man's opinion that her demise was exaggerated. Now she's willing to go to hoops games and talk shit? Sign me up. Also remember to always talk shit to your friends via social media during quarantine.