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Drake And Rihanna Have An Open Relationship? That Seems Like A Terrible Idea.

(People)Drake and Rihanna have not parted ways, a source close to the couple confirms to PEOPLE on Monday. One source says they’re still together “but it’s an open thing.” Neither Rihanna nor Drake’s reps have commented. The couple made their relationship official in July, but were believed to be “secretly dating for months” before that, a source close to the couple told PEOPLE in May. Drake has never shied away from showing his adoration of the Barbados-native, publicly proclaiming his love for the “Work” singer at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards in late August.

Terrible idea, Drake. TERRIBLE idea. I get that you want to fuck Rihanna. I even get that you’re in love with her. But if there’s ever a girl who you can’t have an open relationship with it’s fucking Rihanna. Please don’t take that as slut shaming, or whatever the buzzword du jour is, it’s a compliment. If I was in an “open relationship” with Rihanna I wouldn’t sleep a fucking wink unless we were physically in the same room as one another and I had a clear line of sight. Any other situation and my mind would be racing thinking about who she is putting it down on at that very second. You want to have an open relationship with a normal chick and I can sort of get that. Personally, I still wouldn’t, but I understand it more. But if you want to give out free passes for a mega-celebrity, smokeshow who’s arguably the most sexual woman on the planet then you’re an insane person. Absolutely insane. I’m sure Drake tried to propose and shit but RiRi just hit him with the “Ehhhh you can call me your girlfriend, but I’m fucking other dudes” and he compromised by agreeing to everything she wanted, but even in that situation I think you need to bow out. No girl is worth sacrificing every night of sleep for the rest of your life because you’re worried about her getting dicked down with absolute permission.