"ESPN Can't Fire You RJ. You My Friend" - LeBron Basically Confirmed He Runs ESPN

Alright as much as I hate on LeBron I'm glad he's with the rest of us on our crusade to bully the shit out of ESPN into releasing the MJ Doc early. Everyone but the people at ESPN realize the need for it to be dropped early, they then tried to come out and say some shit like it wasn't finished or something after dropping a COMING SOON on a recent commercial. Well that's clearly false if both RJ and LeBron are saying it's done. You don't think LeBron has had Rich Paul check into that? Look at how confidently he said it was done. If anybody knows the status of that doc outside of those who are making it, it's LeBron. I'm glad we are all on the same page here.

But the best part of that clip was clearly the end where LeBron tells RJ not to worry about ESPN firing him because he's LeBron's friend. Look at how serious he was! That was not a joke. It's clear ESPN needs LeBron, they talk about him every fucking second, so he knows if they were to pull something and fire his buddy it's only going to be bad for business. That's why if we're being honest now that this clip is going viral it would not shock me if ESPN released that the documentary was magically finished and will be out in a matter of days. LeBron gets what LeBron wants, especially from ESPN. He has them by the balls and has for basically his whole career. You don't think they want exclusive access to the Lakers playoff run if basketball ever comes back?There's having power and then there's being LeBron. That's a whole different level that us mere mortals can only dream of. 

So look, if LeBron ends up being the reason the rest of us can watch that documentary early I'll have to applaud him. I won't like it, I'll need a shower after I do it, but desperate times call for desperate measures and we ALL need that documentary right fucking now.