What Moves Did CJ McCollum Leave Out Of His Top 5 Most Unstoppable Move List?

Alright it's time for our latest discussion when it comes to current NBA players ranking things. You can catch up on our previous discussions with Ben Simmons' Top 5 defenders

and Trae Young's Top 5 All Time list

Both are rather outrageous in my opinion, especially Trae's. Well now CJ McCollum has entered the chat and honestly his list is pretty fucking solid. Before we get into the debate, let's all enjoy a little refresher as to what these moves looked like

Iverson Crossover

Jordan Fadeaway

Manu Eurostep

Kareem's Skyhook

Hakeem's Dream Shake

Every single one of those moves is absolutely deadly and some of the most dominant moves in NBA history. Really there should be no issue with any of them being in the top 5. All were revolutionary in developing the offensive arsenal of future generations (minus the skyhook, for some reason people stopped using that unstoppable move). But to answer CJ's question, what moves did he leave off that might warrant being in the mix? For me it comes down to just two.

1. Tim Duncan's bank shot

You can't be talking about some of the most unstoppable moves in league history and not mention Duncan's bank shot. It wasn't flashy, but man was it effective. Sort of like Duncan's career. It must have been so annoying as a defender to get destroyed by such a simple move, but I would argue it was as effective as anything in CJ's top 5

2. Dirk's fadeaway

You want to talk about an iconic and unstoppable move well then you should probably mention Dirk's one legged fadeaway. I know Jordan's was nasty, but when I think of most recognizable fadeaways my brain instantly goes to Dirk. He basically built a hall of fame career around one unstoppable shot. The Mavs put this fadeaway on their goddamn court! 

The issue then becomes if you want to add one or both of these moves, who are you taking off that top 5? That's where things get tricky. If I had a gun to my head and had to replace two, I think I lean Iverson's crossover and Manu's eurostep. I don't feel good about it, but of the five I feel like that's the right move. If I could only choose one I would go with Duncan's bank shot since we already have a fadeaway in the top 5, and I'd probably take out just Manu's eurostep. 

So what say you. What other moves might you want to put into that top 5? Did CJ nail it with his list? We have nothing better to do so let's openly debate on the internet while calling each other names because of a difference of opinion.