This Quarantine Might Be Getting To Trae Young Once You See His Top 5 All Time List

I've long said that I am an equal opportunist when it comes to this blog. So, just like I did the other day when I called out Ben Simmons for his highly questionable ranking of the top 5 defenders in the NBA

we cannot just ignore what Trae Young put out for the world to see when it comes to his Top 5 players all time. Listen there's no sports, nobody knows when life is going to get back to normal so this is all we have. We have to debate lists that are completely subjective and are all based on personal preference. Having said that, this list is terrible. That's not to say some of these guys aren't worthy, but the key here is ALL TIME, not since like 1996.

Right off the bat you get the highly controversial LeBron over MJ. I could go on and on about this like the internet has done for years, but I think this sums things up perfectly

Call me a LeBron hater if you want, but nobody will ever pass Michael Jordan. Full stop. The 3-5 rankings though is where things truly go off the rails. I think we can all agree that Steve Nash in his prime was so fucking awesome to watch. Those Suns team were maybe a little before their time and Nash will forever go down as one of the best passers in NBA history. But at the same time he is not the 5th best player ever. Stop it. I get it, back to back MVPs, awesome to watch, but no. 

The Kobe/Durant ranking is interesting. We know Trae is a huge Kobe guy, and he does make a compelling case to be top 5, but to me the Kobe/Durant/Duncans of the world are in that next tier. The tier that you could make a case for but then you remember who you'd be voting out and you realize they are probably more in the 6-10 range. In the name of transparancey, here's how I right this second would rank my top 5

1. MJ

2. LeBron

3. Wilt

4. Magic

5. Kareem

First off, credit to me for being extremely non-biased and not having any Celtic in the top 5. No Larry Bird, no Isaiah Thomas etc so for those who think I'm nothing but a giant homer, please apologize. In fact 4 of my 5 are fucking Lakers and I want to vomit but I am a slave to the truth. For the record I would have Larry Legend at 6, followed by Durant/Duncan/Kobe/Shaq.

I just don't see how you could be talking ALL TIME and leave guys like Wilt/Magic/Kareem off. I can't take you seriously if that's your stance. You want to swap some of the order of that 5 you can go nuts, but those dudes HAVE to be in it in my opinion.

But at the same time, maybe this is a sign that Trae might be losing his shit due to this quarantine just like the rest of us. Hopefully that's the case and he wasn't serious because his list is trash and he should be ashamed of himself. 

Now, in an effort to remember Trae Young in a better light, enjoy