Is Bob Nightengale The Reason Sports Are Cancelled?

I generally live my social media virtual life under one rule: there is no such thing as a Twitter jinx. If I tweet that ____ pitcher is throwing a gem and he gives up a homer the next inning I do not believe I caused that pitcher to give up that home run. A lot of people on twitter actually do and it infuriates me. With every rule there is an exception. Bob Nightengale is that exception as I've detailed on the blog numerous times. To my knowledge he has never been correct about anything on this website. It's impossible what he does. 

His latest trick was anointing Gerrit Cole the Yankees Opening Day starter against the Orioles on March 26th (today). He did this 99 days ago, a few days after Cole's signing was made official. Probably thought he'd been wrong about so much shit lately that this was a layup to get back on track. Barring an injury there is nothing that should have prevented this from happening.

I underestimated the powers of Bobby...

Cue a fucking GLOBAL PANDEMIC to not only cancel opening day, not only cancel baseball for the foreseeable future, but cancel every sport you can think of in America. All because Nightengale tweeted on December 18th that Gerrit Cole was going to take the mound in 99 days. Bob could tweet that the sun is coming up tomorrow and an asteroid would probably cause it to explode before morning.

Why can't Bob tweet something like  "there's no end in sight with this virus, it looks like we're never going to play baseball ever again?" Or how about "we will never find a vaccine?" Just be pessimistic about the world one time and see what happens. What do we possibly have to lose at this point?

If you need a refresher on Bob's history of tweets that prove to be laughably wrong, allow me to wind back the clock for you.

Bob wrote a whole article that said the A's were optimistic Kyler Murray was going to report to Spring Training. 

Three minutes later he chose the NFL. THREE (3)!!!

He had Javy Baez getting traded to the Braves.

Encarnacion to the Rays

Vladdy Jr being called up early

Harper not going to the Phillies. Harper signs with Phillies hours later. 

It's almost impossible to be this wrong all the time. Please tweet that corona is going to win and we're all fucked. Please. You owe to us, Bob.