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What Else Can The Internet Bully The NBA Into Doing?

Obviously in the real world bullying is very bad and you should most definitely not do it. That goes without saying. But in terms of the NBA world, now that the Sixers ownership was bullied into reversing their decision to cut salaries of team employees (you can read Jordie's take here), it got me thinking. The internet has collectively bullied Ben Simmons into actually shooting a real life three and now this, so how far can we go? What other things warrant a little bullying when it comes to the NBA? I'll open this up to you fine readers as well for your suggestions but this is where I've netted out so far

1. Teams only wear home whites while playing at home

Maybe this is just a me problem because the Celts have been wearing alternates at home recently while owning the most iconic home jersey in the NBA, but this shit has to stop. I know there are rules or whatever where the team picks what they want to wear, but I'm here to suggest we bully the league into taking this choice right out of their hands. You play at home you wear home whites. Period. End of discussion.

2. How about League Pass actually working

I dunno about you but I prefer things that I spend a decent amount of money on to ya know....actually work. I can't be the only one who has issues with League Pass on a nightly basis it seems. Things don't load, the service crashes, the whole experience is what I would describe as less than ideal. I feel like the internet can bully the shit out of the league to fix this.

Also while we're at it. Let us also listen to local broadcasts for games that are also on National TV if those are taking place and you live out of market. I'm sure there are rules over broadcasting rights, but I also don't give a shit. I find it insulting that I have to listen to Marv Albert call a game when I know Mike Gorman is also calling that same game. Figure it out.

3. No more Players Only broadcasts

OK, this one may have actually worked. Good job everyone.

4. Going back to individual team jerseys during the All Star Game

As someone who grew up in the late 90s/early 2000s, every year when the All Star game rolls around and we see the newest futuristic garbage uniforms it fills me with rage. I know Nike or whoever pays to make NBA jerseys want to get their money's worth, but I don't care about their bottom line I care about what looks awesome and you can't tell me this doesn't look awesome (despite the grainy footage)

5. Get rid of the Skills Competition

Speaking of the All Star Game, it's time we bully the league into getting rid of the Skills Competition. It's by far the worst event they put on all weekend and there are plenty of replacement options available. I'd take King Of The Court, Horse, Shooting Stars etc over the Skills Competition without hesitation. Nobody really tries, it's not all that hard, and frankly we can do better. Just need a little online bullying and I think this could happen.

There are plenty more I could list that are more Celtics related (playing Tremont Waters and Tacko more, forcing Brad to learn what a timeout is etc), but I feel like this is a good place to start. We've seen that bullying the league on Twitter clearly works, so since all of us have some time on our hands what a perfect opportunity to band together for a common goal.