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Conor McGregor Uses His Platform To Urge Ireland To Implement A Full Lockdown Due To COVID-19

Holy shit! I'm ready to run thru a brick wall right now! I didn't know I was gonna get yelled at like that! What passion!

Personally, I don't have any idea how Ireland is handling COVID-19, but after just having listened to the Champ Champ - it sounds like they're not handling this thing seriously enough! If I could also address Ireland for a second - listen to your King! Shut it down folks! Shut everything down. Take everything - literally everything (except essential businesses) - and shut it down. Shut it the fuck down! 

I love to see Conor using his platform to spread such awareness and nudge his government to start taking this horrible virus a little more seriously, and after that Braveheart-esque rallying cry, I'm certain we're gonna defeat this thing sooner than anticipated*.

*I am not certain of that.