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Wake Up With Giannis Destroying The Entire NBA

Remember how Lakers fans pretty much crowned LeBron the MVP after one weekend? Then they cried how the league going on hiatus right now wasn't fair because it was going to allow Giannis to get healthy just as LeBron was making a push for the MVP? Well, turns out that one weekend didn't mean dick to the people that actually vote for this award. Tim Bomtemps surveyed the media and 60 of the 70 still had Giannis as the MVP so there goes that idea. It was a nice little reminder that while LeBron may have stolen the headlines and the narrative for the last week before the hiatus, let's not forget how fucking dominant Giannis has been since Day 1. That's why what better way to start your day than a nice little reminder of what that dominance looked like. 

Chances are we were looking at a guy who was about to win back to back MVPs, lead a team that very well could have notched 70 wins or close to it, and had maybe the most important postseason of his life before he hits then market next summer. Maybe we still get that playoff run later this summer, who knows. But one thing remains true even today. Giannis was putting up one of the most dominant regular seasons the league had ever seen. Do you know how many players in history have put up at least 29.6/13.7/5.8? 


His name is Giannis Antetokounmpo.