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Isolation Chronicles IV: Bob Ross Livestream On The Episode Where A Squirrel Named Pea Pod Unexpectedly Pops Out Of His Pocket

Isolation Chronicles I, II, and III were all me having people bet on how many trains would go by my apartment window between 6:30 - 7:30pm ET. As you can imagine, it's mentally draining. A lot of counting involved & using your eyeballs to look at things. Combine that with the fact that I haven't been able to sleep for about a week and have only left my apartment for about 1.5 hours over the last 96ish hours. So last night I decided, "Hey, it's Friday, let me turn the 'ol noodle off & do something a little more relaxing #selfcare." 

Other people also seemed ready for a change of pace. 

Despite lack of talent I've always really enjoyed drawing & painting and recently began binge watching Bob Ross on Hulu to chill out as I try to snooze. It occurred to me that even though I've seen a ton of episodes, I'd never actually attempted any of his tutorials. 

So last night I whipped out my mini easel, my watercolor paint set, and the fun mixed boozy drinks that were delivered right to my apartment thanks to temporary NYC virus mandates, and put on Mr. Ross. I encouraged anyone with crayons, markers, whatever to grab a crispy boy & join me in this endeavor.

Though there were no thrilling double-train criss-crosses or rogue Q trains, this had it's own wildly electric moments. I'd picked this particular episode because it had 'Springtime' in the title. Little did I nor the viewers realize it was the infamous episode where his pocket squirrel named Pea Pod just pops out of his pocket! And then he feeds it from an eyedropper and then it goes back to sleep in his pocket and Bob keeps painting like nothing electric just happened!!.... I was genuinely fucking floored:

The commenters couldn't believe it either and were equally enthralled & excited:

If you want to be blown away yourself, it happens at 18:55 in the stream below:

The whole thing was a little wonky because half the time I was blocking the easel & then at the end didn't realize a fake plant leaf was blocking the lens for a hot minute, but I'll figure out a better setup for tonight. That's right, I'm doing it all damn weekend long. Livestream Bob Ross Party from 6:30 - 7:30pm. And why? Because I never imagined I'd be so incredibly good at it. It didn't even matter that I only have kid's watercolor sets and not real paints. Try to tell who did what. You can't:

With time to spare before the clock hit 7:30pm I fired up episode 23 as well. This time he was going too fast for me and I fell behind, panicked and decided to head in a more abstract direction. But Bob wouldn't mind. He'd just call that a happy little accident.

Have to say, I legit really, really enjoyed it and sure some commenters hated my guts (don't blame 'em) but so many people were once again as stir crazy as I was. Not sure if anybody else got out their paints or art supplies to go along with me but I'm pretty sure 90% of the viewers were hammered or on their way there. 

Speaking of - why did I not post this last night? Well all across Barstool groups of us were meeting up in online livestream chat rooms and doing happy hours with each other. The highlight of my night came when I reached out to Mike Busey of The Sausage Castle (free BJs for vets on veterans day!), he joined the group, and then everyone took their shirts off for some reason. 

He was a great sport & gave us a tour of his house, told us about his recent trip to Columbia & hanging out with Pablo Escobar's brother, and what it's like living full time in one of the country's most infamous party houses. Sadly, the stream was taken down shorty after that & I believe it was the result of my fake nipp-a-roons. #FreeTheNips 

The neat thing was, even after the livestreaming ended we all stayed on & kept hanging out. I quietly dipped out early to reheat a chicken sandwich, but it was a great way to spend the evening. For a few hours I kinda forgot the circumstances that had us all virtual-chatting in the first place. 

Anyways, if you want to join in I'll be Bob Ross-ing it up again tonight from 6:30 - 7:30pm ET. Doesn't matter if you have real paints or shitty paper or what. Just something wacky to pass the time & 'be social'. The livestream link pops up on my Twitter when I start or you can head to my periscope

If that's not your cup of tea & actually sounds like nightmare fuel to you and you have Netflix I cannot recommend that new doc series Tiger King enough. I'm mad at myself for binge-watching the entire series & finishing it by mid morning today. (I woke up on my recliner around 5am, drool on my face with it still playing. Clearly a top watch.)

Alright, hope you're doing great & see you tonight at 6:30! (or probably not!)