Isolation Chronicles II: Livestream Of People Betting On How Many Trains Will Go By My Apartment Window

Above is a recap of the hot, hot action yesterday, and if you're looking at this wondering what the hell is going on, please see Isolation Chronicles I

And why am I continuing to do this? People LOVE it. It's giving them light & joy in these trying times. They can't get enough:

So let's hop into tonight, Night 2... 

Lots of solid guesses before the hour commenced: 

Would any of them hit the jackpot?! 

YES! While last night only one person guessed the number right, we (my cat Spork and I) had an unprecedented 11 winners in the mix tonight as their hope that lightning would strike twice with a big '23 trains' paid off. 

What did they win? The satisfaction of victory! CONGRATS to the experts who did the research & made the perfect bet. 

Now, the haters have been saying, 

Kate you're an idiot. Those trains run on a pretty solid schedule so of course there was 23 trains two nights in a row. 

But literally right as the clock hit 7:30 a 24th train came through… only a few seconds could have made a huge difference. And they also aren't accounting for signal trouble & other various delays that can jam up the schedule. But I will say, if it's 23 again tomorrow night I'll bow out & find a new idea. 

Either way I'll be livestreaming something every evening from 6:30pm - 7:30pm ET until we're in the clear. And honestly whether one person watches or 20K like tonight (what a world), it makes me feel a little bit better knowing I'm not the only one twiddling my thumbs, waiting things out through the boredom. 

As for my day, I did not leave my apartment once, did not brush my teeth until around 2pm, did not shower until 6pm, and did not 'get dressed' (workout shorts & an old shirt) until 6:25pm. For lunch I had open-faced PB&Js on saltines & dinner was tortilla chips & guac / Wheat Thins / grapes. Reflecting on it all, I should probably get a routine going for myself that's slightly healthier. I might even put on a bra tomorrow. (Sike!)

Either way, tune in tomorrow to see if we'll get a Triple Crown on 23 trains or if I'll have to find a new schtick. See you then??